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Double, Copy, Recurrence.             Cre8ery Gallery.          July 4 - July 16 2013

Double, Copy, Recurrence.


Double, Copy, Recurrence is a collection of works from 2010 to the present. These works explore concepts deriving from habitual interactions with contemporary forms of media and it’s impact on our perceptions of reality. Focusing on the prolonging of time within the static image and inspired by the notion that a painting is never completed, my studio practice involves the extended usage of found and staged photographic material through it’s recycling and reuse; cutting out portions of my own ‘failed’ paintings or preliminary photographs as reference material for new work.  Completed paintings present a photographically suggestive documented account of the choices and decisions made during the work’s transitional stages of production in the studio, resulting in a layering of time and space.

Occasional explorations into alternative visual interpretations of a single image or object can prevent stagnation and open up unlimited creative possibilities; an element of stagnation, I believe, accompanying western ideals of success, prompting the question ‘what do I do now?’

In(side)out.     The fifty fifty Arts collective.       May 23 - June 1 2014


In(side)out is a series of paintings that follow a process of repositioning cut out found images until a narrative is formulated.

The depicted individuals in In(side)out lead toward a tension between interior and exterior environments through actions that play with our concepts of space.

The insertion of illusory components in both landscape and interior emulates societies’ persistent failure to bring the outside in and the inside out.

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